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Événement gratuit - Kris De Clercq, MBA

This Free seminar is designed to get you started with the essentials and the importance of finance. Learn how you as a professional or manager can help to contribute to the bottom line of your organisation.  

Why: A changing world – We are moving from one crisis to another

  • Brexit, Covid19, Climate & ESG, War, Supply chain, Energy, High Inflation & Rising Interest Rates.    


Consequence:   Severe organisational Impact

  • Business models under pressure – under threat
  • Severe impact on the company results, the balance sheet, and the cash flow. 


Ask yourself the following questions?  

  • Who is responsible for the company results: Only finance or all employees as a combined effort?  
  • Do you possess the basic financial toolbox that every manager or employee should have?
  • How solid are your financial communication skills to negotiate budgets and projects? 


The presentation: 

  • Learn about "The first principles of finance" 
  • The financial flow (From the Balance sheet, through to the Income statement & the cash flow statement) 
  • The financial vocabulary
  • Fiscal Value (traditional GAAP) or Economic Value (IFRS)
  • Learn the essentials on environmental, social, and governance risks (ESG)
  • The courses that meet your managerial needs to contribute to the bottom line. 


Lecturer: Kris De Clercq, MBA 

     Maureen                       Kris has lectured finance to managers for more than 30 years in Europe and Eastern Europe. He is teaching for a UK and Austrian based business school as an associate lecturer in finance topics such as "Issues in International Finance and Investments"," Corporate Finance" and "Issues in IFRS". His industry experience is over 25 years working for asset managers, investment banks, global custodians in the UK, Luxembourg and Belgium. He received a university award for innovation in finance teaching and learning.


This intro session has limited places, so register first.  Upon registration, you will be receiving a confirmation email. Access to the Online seminar will be sent to you a couple of days before the event takes place.  


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