Finance For Non-Financial Managers
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Dutch 20 & 21 June 2022 - Agoria Bluepoint Antwerp BE - Antwerp (Price: 1460 Euro )
French 29 & 30 June 2022 - NH Collection Brussels Centre BE - Brussels (Price: 1460 Euro )
Dutch 26 & 27 September 2022 - Marriott Hotel BE- GHENT (Price: 1460 Euro )
Dutch 19 & 20 October 2022 - Crowne Plaza BE - Antwerp (Price: 1460 Euro )
Dutch 06 & 07 December 2022 - Marriott Hotel BE- GHENT (Price: 1460 Euro )
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PROGRAM OUTLINE for this 2 day course in English

Every manager needs practical knowledge of financial management to make optimal decisions and contribute to the results. Gain this much-needed knowledge in just 2 days.

15 reasons why gaining this know-how is crucial.

  1. Accounting is about past activities; finance knowledge teaches you to understand the position of your company and how to improve the results in the future.
  2. Discover the business cycle and how it is reported by the finance and accounting department! The sales, the costs, the profits made, the value creation, the assets, the debt, the working capital, and the amount of cash available. With these concepts you will be able to make better decisions as a manager.
  3. Understand that there are 5 different levels of profit and that profit for the financial year is only 1 of the types of profit. Also, which is most important, profit or value creation?  
  4. Learn the terminology and the linkages between EBIT profit, EBITDA, profit for the financial year, gross profit, profit before tax and the importance of each.
  5. Discover that a profitable company can go bankrupt due to a lack of liquidity.
  6. Understand that the balance sheet under local GAAP often does not reflect the true value but the fiscal value.
  7. Evaluate the relationship and the leverage between equity and debt resulting in the ability to raise further financing.
  8. Understand the crucial importance of cash, cash flow forecasting and the cash flow statement and learn how to determine and derive it yourself.
  9. Use KPIs and ratios to evaluate the performance, make competitor comparisons or use them to make internal evaluations among multiple divisions or subsidiaries.
  10. Also use these KPIs and ratios to set objectives, use them to report the results to shareholders, finance companies or other interested parties.
  11. Learn how to approach business costs in multiple ways, the direct and indirect costs, and the benefits of making them fixed or variable.
  12. Improve your budgeting knowledge, understand the techniques to use. Build budgets in line with corporate strategy and achieve the set-out objectives.
  13. Take the guesswork out of management decisions by building project/investment appraisals (CAPEX).  Determine whether the project meets the predefined expectations and value creation.
  14. Understand that the "cost of capital" is the crucial benchmark that any project must meet to be profitable long term.
  15. Be the driver and expert managers in your companies’ decision making with solid financial knowledge and understanding.

The course and the learning outcome

This 2-day course is designed to provide non-financial managers with a solid financial framework on where to develop.  Effective management depends on solid financial decisions and as a manager, or any other individual with budget responsibility, you have to be able to:

  • Interpret financial data, the income, and cash flow statements, and the balance sheet.
  • Understand the budgeting framework, the type of budgets, and the uses of budgeting.
  • Develop the skills to analyse and develop capital expenditure projects
  • Interpret key performance indicators and evaluate your contribution to your organisation.


This comprehensive, hands-on program gives non-financial managers the skills and confidence they need to analyse and interpret financial information, through key theory and practical exercises enabling them to make decisions that deliver shareholder value in your organisation.

You will have the skills to interpret your own organisation's financial statements and interpret its performance. Feel comfortable in designing and evaluating budgets or capital expenditure projects in the light of your own organisation's performance and argue the case for approval and acceptance. You will be able to prove shareholder value based on your managerial decisions showing the effects on the balance sheet, income, and cash flow statement.

Recommended background

This program is designed for managers from non-financial backgrounds who increasingly need to use financial information to appraise performance and make decisions. The program is suitable if you have little or no prior financial knowledge, as well as those looking for a refresher. Participants come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including technical, operations, marketing, and general management.

Course format (Residential or Online)

This course will be taught using a combination of formal instructions, combined with practical and interactive exercises and case studies used to reinforce the concepts taught in each section of the course.

Practice-based learning and critical engagement is a key theme through all our courses allowing delegates to acquire the needed skills and techniques to be applied as soon as they are learned and developed.


Day 1:

  The role of finance and the differences with accounting

  • You will learn about the various functions of the finance department, internal and external reporting.
  • Who are the main actor and their functions in the organisation?
  • Understand the basic principles, terminology and building blocks of financial control


  Financial reporting and principles of accounting

  • Learn about the balance sheet and the accounting principles
  • The Income statement, revenues and costs
  • The role of the cash flow statement
  • The relationship and interaction between the three key statements
  • Appreciate the financial implications of plans and decisions
  • The application, importance of tax and VAT


  KPI´s, ratios and analysis

  • What are financial KPI´s
  • How do they enable us to measure profitability, liquidity, solvency and efficiency.


  Working Capital Management

  • Learn about methods to measure inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable management techniques
  • Learn how to keep expenditure under control
  • Methods inventory management


Day 2:

  Costing and pricing

  • Cost concepts and which methods are available to us
  • Pricing, quantity, margins and mix
  • Strategy and implications
  • Recognise different types of cost and how costs can be controlled
  • Learn about pricing strategies
  • Fixed and variable costs & Break even


  Budgeting (OPEX)

  • Learn about operational expenditure and the role of budgeting
  • Learn and practise the different budgeting techniques
  • Budget variance analysis and exercises


  Capital Budgeting - Project Appraisals - Capital expenditure (CAPEX)

  • Project investments and investment methods
  • Learn about various methods to determine the return of investment
  • Which costs to use for investment decision making
  • The discount factor and which discount factor to use
  • Apply and calculate Payback, NPV, IRR
  • Discuss non-financial aspects of investment decisions




All Course Dates



When: 20 & 21 June 2022

Where: Agoria Bluepoint Antwerp Filip Williotstraat 9, 2600 BE - Antwerp, Belgium
Finance voor niet-financiële managers in: Dutch

Timing: From 09:00 till 17:00
Price: 1460 Euro  (VAT Exclusive)
Early booking discount: A 10%  discount will be applied if you register before or on 21/04/2022


When: 29 & 30 June 2022

Where: NH Collection Brussels Centre Boulevard Adolphe Max. 7, 1000 BE - Brussels, Belgium
Finance pour non-financiers in: French

Timing: From 09:00 till 17:00
Price: 1460 Euro  (VAT Exclusive)
Early booking discount: A 10%  discount will be applied if you register before or on 30/04/2022


When: 26 & 27 September 2022

Where: Marriott Hotel Korenlei 10, 9000 BE- GHENT, Belgium
Finance voor niet-financiële managers in: Dutch

Timing: From 09:00 till 17:00
Price: 1460 Euro  (VAT Exclusive)
Early booking discount: A 10%  discount will be applied if you register before or on 28/07/2022


When: 19 & 20 October 2022

Where: Crowne Plaza Gerard le Grellelaan 10, 2020 BE - Antwerp, Belgium
Finance voor niet-financiële managers in: Dutch

Timing: From 09:00 till 17:00
Price: 1460 Euro  (VAT Exclusive)
Early booking discount: A 10%  discount will be applied if you register before or on 20/08/2022


When: 06 & 07 December 2022

Where: Marriott Hotel Korenlei 10, 9000 BE- GHENT, Belgium
Finance voor niet-financiële managers in: Dutch

Timing: From 09:00 till 17:00
Price: 1460 Euro  (VAT Exclusive)
Early booking discount: A 10%  discount will be applied if you register before or on 07/10/2022

Participant feedback

  • One of the best courses I've ever attended. The trainer, Mrs Maureen, was extremely pedagogic and the structure of the course was very well planned with just the right mixture of theory versus practical examples and exercises.
  • I have acquired as a manager the necessary financial skills now and do understand the importance of it! Managers are responsible for the results, not the finance department, therefore they should have a thorough understanding of the financial cycle. 
  • A great way to learn about finance. The group was small which made it easier to be 100% involved. The exercises and case studies were absolutely great and necessary to put the theory into practice. A very knowledgeable teacher.
  • I really appreciated the empathy and skills of the lecturer. Also, the size of the group was perfect to have the necessary interactivity throughout the course.


Learn the way that suits you most!

Course Lecturers

Maureen Whitehead-Lausman, MBA

19 years associate lecturer in Financial Strategy and Corporate Strategy for a triple accredited global business school. 20 years’ experience developing and delivering training programs for large and medium sized companies including in Germany, China, USA, Singapore, Ethiopia, South Africa, Russia and Romania. Corporate finance, value based management and finance for non-financial managers at middle and senior management level are a particular interest.  

Dr. Johannes Hofinger, MBA, FRM

Dr. Johannes Hofinger is specialized in Risk Management, Basel III, IFRS and regulatory reporting. His professional skills are reinforced by strong academic roots. He lectures for global business schools in corporate finance, managerial accounting and financial reporting. The main roles undertaken are lecturing, consulting and project management.  

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Books we studied for you

FT Guide to Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Jo Haigh
FT Guide to Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Jo Haigh

It is essential for managers to understand financial information such as departmental budgets, forecasts, strategy plans and targets, this book will show readers how to transform seemingly complex financial information and statistics into data that makes sense.  

The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Robert Cooke
The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Robert Cooke

In the wake of recent accounting scandals, most managers now realize they need to know more about the inner workings of finance. Many, however, don't know where they will find the time. The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Finance for Non-Financial Managers is designed to give readers a working mastery of all finance essentials in just 36 hours and has now been updated to help readers understand the substantial regulatory and practical changes that have taken place in the new world of business accounting. This hands-on workbook delivers its information in accessible and reader-friendly style, including self-study questions and case studies for each chapter.  

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers - Clive Marsh
Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers - Clive Marsh

An accessible, practical and easy to understand guide, Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers shows managers how to gain confidence in understanding financial matters, managing a budget and dealing with bankers, accountants and finance professionals. A source of expert advice on all the essential aspects of financial management within the context of running a business, it covers: business structures, accounting and financial statements, analysis and ratios, planning, budgeting, product and service costing, setting selling prices, investment appraisal, finance and working capital, taxation and international transactions.  

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AG Insurance
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The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
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VGD International -Audit & Tax
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
Zurich Insurance plc, Belgium branch
Vanbreda International
Afton Chemical SPRL
Air Liquide
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ANL Plastics
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BASF Antwerpen
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