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   Managerial Finance

Whatever your background, finance is or will become an essential part of your work to do the job right!  Why?

The top will provide you with yearly or quarterly results for you to digest, you converse with the finance department, you are involved in budgeting and analyse/approve new project investments, you are involved in pricing or need to manage costs. You understand past performance but need to predict the future based on your targets!

To equip you with the required skills, we offer you these key learning programs:

- Start with finance for non-financial managers, it gives you the big picture, the links and the basic skills on how it all works.
- Become an expert in financial statements and performance analysis - You will have the ability to go beyond the numbers and learn to decipher the facts behind the numbers. You learn to thoroughly analyse and interpret statements on your or any company performance and its position in the competitive market place.
- Become an expert in budgeting (OPEX) The training will provide you with all the tools and techniques available, the strengths and weaknesses and the importance of this critical process.
- Become an expert in project & investment appraisals (CAPEX): As these projects go over time, you will learn how to support your business case and provide proof to colleagues that you are generating company value.
- Become an expert in Costing Accounting for Decision Making! Understanding costs is one of the best investments you can make to promote your professional career! The way you manage these costs are key for a successful business!
- Learn how to build a financial dashboard and a deeper understanding of the ratio's and steer your department or organisation in the right direction. Understanding Ratio's is one thing, learning how to use them practically is another!

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  Corporate Finance

You are an executive, or you deal with or work in the finance department!

in “Finance at corporate level”, we provide you the latest corporate finance thinking, how it all works, the decisions to be taken and the interrelationships. We go indepth on many topics, learn about the key differences between finance and accounting and that profit does not mean necessary value!

To equip you with the latest corporate finance thinking, we offer you these key learning programs:

- Corporate Financial Strategies gives you an in-depth and helicopter view on corporate financial thinking and decision making.
- You can learn how to value a company through the latest methods and techniques and determine the economic value in the books, the price on the market or discounted cash flows.
- Or focus on one of the key components of corporate finance and learn the “cost of capital” , set it as the benchmark, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and adjust it for potential risk.
- Learn how to measure shareholder value creation on a monthly or a quarterly basis by using Economic Value Added (EVA).
- Get an insight on how consolidation of accounts occurs, who owns what or learn the challenges of treasury management at basic or advanced level.

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  Capital Markets

In finance, we learn about equity and debt, but for financial markets these are financial instruments, a different perspective!
Corporates need to enter the market and investors look at them for a required rate of return. These instruments have market prices which are often very different from book value and are influenced by many risk factors. To reduce the risk, they are often packaged into funds, constructed and managed by investment professionals.
To equip you with the required skills, we offer you these key learning programs:

- Learn how the financial markets work and gain a full insight into the different markets, its structure, the instruments and factors that influence prices.
- Gain insight into the investment universe, the different types and risk profiles available and the nature of these funds.
- Or understand the fund construction process, learn how specified investment goals are set for the benefit of the investors. 
- As positions and portfolios exist out of corporate financial instruments, learn which actions corporates undertake and the consequences of these corporate actions.
- Or take it a step further for those in banking, insurance and the investment industry and learn what the impact is on positions, who is involved in the chain of events and how each player is required to act, process actions and keep the books in balance.

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  Essential Management Skills

Financial performance is key and is the reason why we are in business, next to providing a service to society.

But, performance cannot be achieved without possessing the essential management and leadership skills.
To equip you with the required skills, we offer you these key learning programs:

- Learn how to manage "People" , or transform yourself as a "Coach"
- Define "Strategy", and learn how to analyse, generate strategic options and make choices for implementation.  
- Equip yourself the Fundamental skills each manager should have!  or learn how to manage projects.
- Be alert of and manage enterprise wide risk by learning how to evaluate, monitor, report and mitigate the risk your department or company is exposed to!

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